Starblue Consultancy Syndicating thoroughbreds since 2022

Why are we different? 


Our main points of distinction:

  1. Hands-on in the industry with more than 50 years of combined experience. Our carefully selected racing consultants have a glorious experience and have been associated with some of the biggest names in the Racing Industry. Being exposed to the training process of different trainers around the world has given them a unique insight into the thoroughbred industry.

  2. We have a team of highly skilled track riders who ride the horses of the investors on an occasional basis and provide feedback comments to clients based on their experience.

  3. We use advanced technology using DJI drone, Go pro-9, Garmin tracker, and many more advanced data analytic tools.

  4. Performance enhancement and injury prevention is at the forefront of our minds

Exceptional communication with our owners

At Strablue Consultancy we strive to communicate as often as we can regarding your horse. We send on a weekly basis:

- News, photos, and videos of your horse

- What’s app group created to receive the updates regarding your horse (constant communication between all owners which makes the experience exciting even before you meet at the races for the first time)

- Our team is available 24/7 to answer any request/concern you may have

- Highly skilled Starblue track rider occasionally riding your horse in training with comments post track work

- Possibility to visit your horse into the training/spelling facilities when desired by YOU!

- Meeting the horse trainer

- Being with you on trial & race day and let us give you the full insight


As an owner with Starblue Consultancy you will have ALL OWNERSHIP PRIVILEGES AND MORE…

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