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Founded in 2019

"The birth of Starblue Consultancy comes from my life passion and experience in the thoroughbred industry. For the past 18 years, I had time to study and analyse the merits of the racing industry in different aspects and parts of the world. Many investment mistakes reaching millions of dollars could have been avoided through a professional assistance and expertise. 


During my journey, I have met so many talented industry professionals with great ideas and have learned a lot from them. As my involvement in the industry was increasing, I realised that I had to create a business, a consultancy company to share my ideas, knowledge, experience and skills with racehorse investors. So, I founded Starblue Consultancy specialised in thoroughbred investments providing assistance to investors in the prospect of a greater return on investment. My main goal was always to stay customer-oriented while providing investors with excellence in our services, a new source of advice not affected by a conflict of interest. 


At Starblue Consultancy, we strive to make you live the best racehorse ownership experience by giving you excellent customer service, industry-best communication, and advice to maximise your potential return on investment. Our goal at Starblue Consultancy is to find the champion you always dreamed of owning.” Adrien Senechaud, Founder & Sole Director of Starblue Consultancy Pty Ltd

Starblue Consultancy Pty Ltd is an authorised representative (No. 001296670) of Stable Connect Ltd (AFS Licence No. 336964)

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