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Starblue Consultancy Syndicating thoroughbreds since 2022

Why are we different? 


Our main points of distinction:

  1. Hands-on in the industry with more than 50 years of combined experience. Our carefully selected racing consultants have a glorious experience and have been associated with some of the biggest names in the Racing Industry. Being exposed to the training process of different trainers in Australia and around the world has given them a unique insight into the thoroughbred industry.

  2. We have a team of highly skilled track riders who ride the horses of the investors on an occasional basis and provide feedback comments to clients based on their experience.

  3. We use advanced technology using DJI drone, Go pro-9, Garmin tracker, and many more advanced data analytic tools.

  4. Performance enhancement and injury prevention is at the forefront of our minds

Exceptional communication with our owners

At Strablue Consultancy we strive to communicate as often as we can regarding your horse. We send on a weekly basis:

  • PRISM for owners

  • News, photos, and videos of your horse

  • What’s app group created to receive the updates regarding your horse (constant communication between all shareholders which makes the experience more exciting)

  • Our team is available 24/7 to answer any request/concern you may have

  • Our team is regularly visiting your horse on-site to observe and give you additional feedback 

  • Highly skilled Starblue track rider occasionally riding your horse in training with comments post track work

  • Possibility to visit your horse into the training/spelling facilities when desired by YOU!

  • Meeting the horse trainer

  • Being with you on trial & race day and let us give you the full insight

Customer satisfaction comes first at Starblue Consultancy. We strive to make you live the best racehorse ownership experience by giving you excellent customer service as well as the best communication possible. Our goal at Starblue Consultancy is to find the champion that you always dreamed to own.


As an owner with Starblue Consultancy you will have ALL OWNERSHIP PRIVILEGES AND MORE…

Learn more about ownership privileges in New South Wales:

Learn more about ownership privileges in Victoria:

Visit this page to get involved in one of our available horses: 

Became a first-time owner in late 2021. By pure chance, I came across Adrien at Starblue Consultancy when contemplating my first step into this industry. From the very start, Adrien came across as engaging, knowledgeable, and professional. As a first-timer, I had plenty of queries which were met with patience and enthusiasm. Adrien's horse selection appears very sound and thorough with an unrelenting focus on the horse's well-being. I recommend Star Blue Consultancy and hope to take the pot luck syndicator selection out of the equation for others.

Darren Barclay - Shareholder

Last year I decided after many years of being out of racehorse ownership to jump back in and was introduced to Adrien from Starblue Consultancy. From the first call I made to Adrien, I was very impressed with his professional approach.

Nothing is an issue, and Adrien has always been available to answer any questions I have had, plus he has ensured any communications from the trainer are passed on quickly.

If you are thinking of getting back into the industry or contemplating first-time ownership, I would absolutely recommend giving Adrien a call.


Jason McElligot - Shareholder

Thank you team you have been great with criminal art she's progressed a long way since we started the journey together you are great people that are fast with response time and always fast updates on horses you guys and marc have been great to us owners will continue to do business with you guys for a long time even after Criminal Art thanks for all the hard work you guys put in very happy with your service best team I have been with and I have owned a few horses now.

Michael Galea - Shareholder

This is an experience that is a must. You have to see it to know what I will try to describe. It is well deserved 5 star and I don’t give 5 star that often.

We started this very unique with warm cup of coffee very early in the morning. I went with some of my friends and we all thoroughly enjoyed the whole tour. Loved seeing the beautiful race horses in their everyday routine. From the stables to the racetracks. I didn’t know that they train everyday and swim, go for a run on the treadmill. Incredible amount of information about the race horses. This is a great way to learn so much about them and see how it all happens.
I can’t tell enough how spectacular the sunrise was over the racetrack and beautiful horizon with hot air balloons in the sky.
We also met and talked to people with incredible experience in the industry, jockeys, professional riders that were training the race horses.
Next time I might even take my kids.
I highly recommend to check it out!!👍👍👍

Lusine Rogers - Client

Starblue makes a magical horse ownership experience come to life. I am so well informed on my horse’s progress on a weekly basis, watching him eat (he seems to eat a lot) and grow and play at the beach. When he started racing it was so amazing to be a part of the connections and see him win his first race! I was part of the very happy family! Thank you so much!

Dr Esme Ryan - Shareholder in Multiple Starblue horses 

I can vouch that the team Starblue keeps us updated regularly. Our 2 colts are being given every chance to shine with the O’Brien team. Great to feel part of the horses and get a full experience. 

Mark Dunsford - Shareholder in Multiple Starblue horses

Always wanted to own my own horse and these guys were amazing so easy to get on board and enjoy the experience.

Jason Gauci - Shareholder

Thank you very much Starblue. The regular videos and detailed feedback we receive are what make ownership with Starblue most enjoyable. 

Vincent Rando - Shareholder in Multiple Starblue horses

What a great experience joining Starblue. For many months myslef and a few mates (who are first time owners) looked around to get a share in a horse so we could share something together and hopefully have some fun in the process. We found shares available in Moremi and thought this is where to begin our journey. Adrien could not have been more helpful, easy to understand emails on how to get involved, as much as info on the horse and her future plan with real nice yound trainer in Marc Chevalier. The big possitve here is they answer your questions, always pickup the phone and are most accommodating. As a group of mates who like a beer and a good day out,we cant speak highly enough of the team at Starblue for all the guidance they have offered us and would recommend them to anyone thinking of getting shares in a horse knowing you are in good hands. 

Ross Gerard - Shareholder

My wife and I were lucky enough to join the Starblue Discovery Tour on 6th July. It was an early start for us - meeting our guides at the track at 6am! They greeted us with a nice warm coffee, introduced themselves and gave a brief background before we headed into the stables to check out some of the racehorses there and go through their morning routine with them and their trainers. Adrien is a wealth of information and obviously has a great working relationship with the people that work there. This relationship really helped in giving us a great understanding of how things work behind the scenes. We were blessed with amazing weather and watched the sunrise over the course as the horses went through their paces around the track. A once-in-a-lifetime experience that I can't recommend highly enough...

Tim Patterson - Client

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