Starblue Consultancy offers a service named StarConsult. If you wish to employ us as a freelance partner and gain from the knowledge of our Racing Consultants that's the right service to go for.


Starconsult will assist you in finding the horse that has the right attributes to become a profitable asset.


Starblue's racing consultants identify and assess available horse shares from syndications or horse trainers around the globe. This service is fundamental to every investor that aims to get a share in a racehorse, as we are not affected by a conflict of interest and therefore, we are an external source of advice.


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How will we proceed:

  •  Identification of shares available by leading horse trainers

  •  Identification of shares offered by syndications

  •  Analysis of pedigrees

  •  Inspection of the horses offered by the third parties


We are constantly exposed to opportunities that can be beneficial for you as a client. Benefit from our expertise and let the win begin! 

Please note that all the sourced opportunities will be proposed on our social media platforms.  

For more info contact your local Racing Consultant or email us at