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Starblue Consultancy was established to assist investors who are looking to be involved in the horse racing industry. Our team of racing consultants, which has more than 50 years of combined experience, will provide you with guidance to help you maximise the return on your thoroughbred investment. You can be ensured that the expertise, knowledge, and skills of our team will make you live the best possible racehorse ownership experience. 


Why us

Thoroughbred investment requires careful consideration of every detail to ensure a positive outcome. Buying a racehorse using the same approach as buying a lotto ticket and hoping for luck involves substantial risk and guarantees no return. Thus, if you aim to decrease the possibility of investing in a non-performing horse, Starblue Consultancy is here to provide you with assistance and undivided attention. Are you a new entrant or an existing thoroughbred investor that is looking for success? Our carefully-selected racing consultants have a glorious experience and have been associated with some of the biggest names in the Racing Industry. Being exposed to the training process of different trainers around the world has given them a unique insight into the thoroughbred industry. We can assist you in identifying and securing a thoroughbred investment that suits your needs. 


Explore our services and contact us to give yourself the chance to enjoy the benefits of a racehorse owner. 


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