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  • How is Starblue Consultancy different?
    One of our main point of distinction is that we do not pre-purchase horses in advance that we are then obligated to sell. We can assist you identifying and securing a thorougbred investment to suits your needs. We can also evaluate the merits of any potential investment that you may be considering including shares being offered by other syndicators.
  • Do I need insurance on my purchased share/horse?
    Racehorses are professional athletes subjected to thr rigours of intense physical training and are occasionally susceptible to injuries sustained in training or racing. Starblue Consultancy will monitor and advise clients when requested to do so to minimise the chances of such injuries. Please note however that this risk can never be completely eliminated. Therefore, we strongly encourage our clients to insure their investments.
  • How will I be informed after investing?
    We will send you periodic updates as follows: All owners will receive a weekly report and regular updates. This will ensure that you are constantly in the loop and never left wondering about your horse's progress. Every owner is designated their own associate who is their point of contact within the company. You may contact them at any time should you need further clarification on any aspect.
  • Where can I invest?
    Our organization is headquatered in Australia due to the flourishing prize money trends. While we recommand Australia as an investment destination, we can also assist in investments within the UK, Ireland, France and Dubai.
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