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Syndicate your horse through Starblue

Starblue Consultancy offers a service where you can solicit us to syndicate your horse. 

Starblue Consultancy Pty Ltd is an authorised representative (No. 001296670) of Stable Connect Ltd (AFS Licence No. 336964). Therefore, if you are a trainer or an individual who seeks to syndicate your horse, we can do it on your behalf. 


Starblue's racing consultants will assess your horse and decide if the horse meets our criteria for us to take the project on board. 

Some of the conditions include:

  • The horse must pass our strict standards 

  • Starblue Consultancy becomes the syndicate manager and managing owner of the horse 

  • The horse races in the Starblue Consultancy colours 

To assess whether the horse meets our standards, we will perform:

  • Analysis of the horse pedigree and DNA test

  • Inspect the proposed horse in person

  • Perform vet check (X-rays, Scope) - "Fit for syndication must be conducted" 



  • Our internal database is currently reaching more than 700 potential racehorse investors and is continuously growing

  • Our social media engagement is reaching an audience of 100K people each month

  • We have successfully assisted multiple trainers and individuals with our consultancy services

  • Save the hustle in sourcing investors and let us do the hard work for you

For more info contact our office at

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