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HQ Marija Tastanoska

Finance Associate

Marija's background is in Finance and Accounting. Her degree and work experience assisted her in gaining extensive knowledge of risk assessment and evaluation of investments which is extremely valuable in the volatile world of Horse Racing. In the past, most investors in this industry have made decisions on the leap of faith, as opposed to the backing of statistical information. Therefore, her involvement would assist you in undertaking more informed decisions about where to put your funds at and maximise the investment’s future economic growth and minimise its potential risk. Marija has been appointed to oversee the financial insights of Starblue Consultancy to ensure the financial development and growth of the business.

Marija also has an experience in one of the Big Four Accounting Firms and she is a Board Member of the Victoria University Business School Advisory Board. In addition, she speaks seven different languages and is an invaluable asset when it comes to communicating with you should you speak one of these languages.

+61 416 093 009

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