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Clay Beasy

Horse Trainer - Victoria

Clay Beasy - An inspired young trainer, who has thrived under a very close mentor to him - his grandfather. Training with his grandfather, Carlo Vidotto, Clay began as a track work rider at the age of 13, whilst playing high level schoolboy AFL, he went on to compete as an amateur jockey for 4 seasons.

Although he loved riding Raceday, his work with John/Chris Meagher, Matt Laurie, Pat Carey, David Brideoake gave him an immense amount of insight into multiple training styles. From a young age, despite ambitions in AFL and Race Day riding, Clays dream has always been to be an elite Horse Trainer, with a close-knit ownership group.

Clay’s number one aim is to grow a group of owners that he will always deliver a 1-on-1 experience with - working their horse from the breaking in period to Race day: with an emphasis on communication, transparency, and education. Being extremely personable, Clay will always find the time to spend explaining the intricacies of horse training, race selection and more. Finally, Clay breaks in, pre-trains and trains through the entire process - which he equates to a very sound knowledge of his stock; that is ever improving.

Clay Beasy
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