UAE Salim Guessoum

Brand Ambassador, Dubai

Salim started in the racing industry at the tender age of seventeen. He learned to ride racehorses under the watchful eye of French racehorse trainer Nicolas Caullery and traveled all over the county for him as an exercise rider. He was awarded the French horseman talent of the year after a string of prolific victories over two years of working for Caullery. This recognition opened up new opportunities for him and a position as an exercise rider for His Highness Sheik Ahmad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum presented itself at the famous Jebel Ali Racecourse in Dubai (UAE). His incredible dedication and work ethic was quickly recognised and he was promoted to traveling foreman, a position he has now held for three years. Salim has an exceptional eye for young horses and will assist our clients from Dubai and Europe in making informed decisions in the lucrative Australian market. In addition, Salim will prove an invaluable asset to our clients in Australia who are looking to identify and source up and coming horses from that part of the world. Salim's expertise and knowledge is now available to you as a Starblue Client.

+971 54 340 0352